Thursday June 15, Lunch & Learn – 13:00 – 14:30

Application of S-PRG filler for the purpose of modifying the properties of enamel in pediatric dentistry

In recent years, various problems in the field of pediatric dentistry have arisen such as tooth hypoplasia, excessive sugar intake, and oral dysfunction etc. Among them, the polarization of caries in children has been progressing, and it has been divided into those without caries and those with many caries by themselves. Those with a lot of caries have problems in the home environment, but may also be due to increased dental hypoplasia. In particular, regarding the dysplasia of teeth (MIH/HSPM), which has been increasing, not only a dental approach, but also various measures are required up to improvement of the home environment and lifestyle.

We have developed smart materials containing S-PRG filler for pediatric dentistry and have investigated ways to prevent and treat these rapidly increasing caries. S-PRG filler is a new concept material that releases various ions, and is effective for strengthening the tooth structure and improving the oral environment. In this session, we will introduce not only caries treatment using new materials containing S-PRG filler for pediatric dentistry, but also more advanced caries prevention.

Speaker: Satoshi Fukumoto (Kyusyu University Fuculty of Dental Science, Tohoku University Graduate school of Dentistry)

Room: 0.4 Brussels/ 0.5 Paris

Friday June 16, 18:00 – 19:00

Proposal of new preventive paediatric dentistry by smart strategy for ECC reduction

We are proposing a clinical application of a smart prevention system for child caries management based on scientific evidence. This is a new high-value-added preventive treatment that differs from conventional fluoride applications. This is based on the smart function of multi-ions from Shofu’s proprietary S-PRG filler.

In this symposium, the presenter will introduce the clinical performance including MIH treatment by the clinical application of this system consisting of PMTC paste, tooth surface coating material, and Fischer sealant.

Speaker: Prof. Daniela Rios

Room: 0.8 Rome